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it’s everywhere.

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Let’s start off understanding what illuminati is.

To this day, people continue to confuse the Illuminati with the Bavarian Illuminati. The latter is just one organization within the former. However, there are many sources which imply that the Bavarian Illuminati (which was founded by Adam Weishaupt) is the same as the Illuminati, and such sources include the Ozarks episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura as well as a few reports done by Infowars reporters. Here is a simple equation:
Illuminati=New World Order=Globalists=Power Elites=Reptilians of the Lower 4th Dimension (if you believe David Icke)
The Illuminati have many organizations and secret societies, and the Bavarian Illuminati is one of them. But with the way some conspiracy researchers incorrectly portray this, many do not realyse this.


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